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Nietzsche says that “man has been reared by his errors”. Nietzsche discusses the question of whether “truth” is in any way discoverable or whether mankind is not necessitated to error. In a way, progress is built on pillars of irrefutable errors, isn’t it? …

EURUSD Trading Analysis


Dear traders,

I have been looking at the USDCHF last week. Have a look at the article I wrote about it HERE.

I was not convinced enough with this pair and in the end did not trade it. …

USDCHF Trading Analysis


Dear followers,

Sometimes it is hard to analyse trading instruments, especially when the market is not giving any indication for a potential setup.

Last time I wrote was about the DAX. It has been on the rise since then. I managed to enter in a long trade. …

by: Colibri Trader

Drop by drop the river is formed.

This morning I realised that the kitchen faucet is leaking. Have you ever experienced one of those moments when something small from your daily lives brings memories or helps you come up with a new idea or visions?

Have you…

by: Colibri Trader

I used to run 10K every day when I was studying at University. Since then, I have reduced a lot my running habits due to a past injury, but I still continue to run every week.

Running has been with me for longer than trading has been…

by: Colibri Trader

Creative trading involves change.

Trading in general is changing all the time.

Change is creative by itself if managed properly.

Creative trading involves willingness to challenge; a willingness to take risks and step outside the judgements that summarise past experiences.

I was thinking today (before I decided…

by: Colibri Trader

Dear traders,

It has been a slow start of the year for me and there have not been many opportunities for analysis or trading. …

by: Colibri Trader

Dear traders,

Happy New Year again! I hope that you will be following your goals and reaching them one after another.

In the end, what matters is our ability to have pre-determined goals and try to make everything possible to reach them. …

by: Colibri Trader

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear traders!

As there are a few days left before the end of 2017, I would like to share with you a short article on my last two trips in Europe.

Instead of Christmas wishes, I wanted to give you a…

by: Colibri Trader

Dear traders,

The last trading analysis did not go as expected. I was expecting that price will go higher, but USDCAD did actually go lower. It has risen again and currently is testing the 1.2900.

So far the price action is bullish, but I would be monitoring…

Colibri Trader

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